Upgrade Specialist

Repairing your current vehicle? Maybe its time to upgrade to a new car instead. With Royal Upgrade, Vehicle Exchange Program, we can help you upgrade to a new vehicle sometimes with the same or lower monthly payment as your current car. Royal has a growing need for clean, well-maintained, reliable previously owned vehicles. This allows us to offer you above average trade value for your vehicle. Getting more for your vehicle, along with excellent manufacturer incentives and historically low interest and lease rates, may allow you to keep a similar or lower monthly payment on a new vehicle.

Your eligibility to upgrade may occur well before paying off your vehicle!

Upgrade Benefits include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Better financing terms
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties
  • WARRANTY FOREVER (Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at no cost, available on most new cars we sell)
  • Lower fuel costs and increased miles per gallon
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased safety and security with new vehicle technology
  • Brand-new comfort and entertainment features
  • New and latest body style and look!