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5 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Vehicle’s Oil

How Do You Know if it’s Time For an Oil Change in Your Vehicle?

Your vehicle will last longer if it is adequately maintained. Regular oil changes and other maintenance activities will safeguard the vehicle from occasional wear and tear. At Royal Kia in Tucson, AZ, we discuss the process of oil changing in a vehicle and the signs to watch out for to understand that your vehicle needs an oil change service. Keep reading to know more.

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What is an Oil Change?

An oil change replaces your vehicle engine’s grainy, dirty, and polluted oil with a new quantity. It is the most important thing to do to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t get old before it actually gets old. Clean oil enhances your car’s acceleration and hence, improves the performance and extends engine life.

How Can You Understand if it is Time to Change Your Oil?

Dark Colored Oil

Check your vehicle oil once a month to ensure that it is clear and free of material particles like grain, dust, and other particles. The presence of unwanted waste particles makes the oil appear dark and dusty.

Smoke Coming Out of Exhaust Pipe

If smoke is coming out of your exhaust pipes, then that is a cause for worry. You may have an oil leak or other faulty vehicle parts.

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Oil Smell in the Interior 

If you can smell oil within a vehicle’s interior area, that indicates an oil leak. Schedule a service immediately in such a circumstance.

Noises from the Engine

Oil smoothens the functions between different components of an engine. If there are pollutants in the oil and it is time for an oil change, the engine components will brush against each other roughly, resulting in bad health of your vehicle. Lack of lubrication causes engine wear.

Check Your Dashboard

Most of the vehicles come with lots of dashboard displays. An oil stick icon will show up on your dashboard that indicates a lack of oil. The oil stick icon will illuminate when the oil level is down.

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