View of the Kia Connect App on a smartphone

Is the Kia UVO now known as the Kia Connect?

Kia UVO renamed Kia Connect 

Has the Kia UVO been renamed the Kia Connect? “UVO,” Kia America’s in-car and app-based telematics system, was recently renamed “Kia Connect.” This makeover is in line with the automaker’s new future-oriented brand strategy, which emphasizes electrification. Because one or more variants of each Kia vehicle will have access to Kia Connect starting with the model year 2022, the name emphasizes the importance of connectivity. Kia UVO has been renamed Kia Connect, and you can read everything about it in this Royal Kia blog. Then come see our new Kia inventory in Tucson, AZ! 

What’s new in the Kia Connect application? 

Kia Connect extends the UVO feature set with new updates and refinements, including Map Over the Air (OTA) revisions, which will be available first on the all-new 2022 EV6. The “Stolen Vehicle Recovery” option, which was recently made available, adds to the sophisticated technology suite’s peace of mind for Kia customers. With location sharing and immobilization features, this tool aids law enforcement in the recovery process. 

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Kia Connect Mobile Application 

Kia Connect is now even better with a revised Kia Access App for both Apple and Android smartphones, in addition to the new moniker. Users may now use their smartphones and smartwatches to manage their climate and lock and unlock their doors remotely. Customers will also benefit from a more simple and intuitive user experience as well as more convenience with the Kia Access App. 

“As Kia shifts to electrification, in-car connectivity is a core pillar of the brand. To that end, Kia Connect will deliver a world-class customer experience through an array of features that enhance vehicle connectivity, functionality, and user control.”

Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia North America and Kia America.
View of the Kia Connect app on a smartwatch

Please contact us to learn more about the new Kia Connect telematics system’s available features and upgrades. We can also tell you about all about the vehicle’s standard features. Come to our Tucson, AZ, dealership to see for yourself and test drive the vehicle before making a purchase. 

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